An IT job specification a detailed overview of the job in an IT sector. This job specification is drafted by stating the needed IT education qualification, necessary experience of working in IT field and handling of offered job responsibilities & duties. For example, software architecture, data entry worker and programme manager are the different IT job designations, which play unique roles to fulfil the assigned tasks. Therefore, for such vacancies, exceptional IT job specifications are prepared to provide an overview of the available job. Hence, an IT job specification varies according to the different IT job portals.

Types of IT job specifications:

  • IT manager job specification
  • Database administrator job specification
  • Programme analyst job specification
  • Computer software job specification, etc

Following suggested attributes should be included in an IT job specification:

  • Concentrate on a particular IT designation and outline the essential factors to make an IT job specification more informative.
  • Write the job title, job summary to clear the aim of the IT job specification.
  • Mention, the qualification criteria such as diploma, bachelor and masters in information technology, software, computer applications and computer architecture along with the sound knowledge of programming languages.
  • Write the required skills needed for the job profile like excellent conversational & negotiation skills, ability to handle potential clients, preparation & maintenance of important soft records, capable of working in a team, leadership qualities, troubleshoot knowledge and others.

IT Manager Job Specification

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