The attorney general is responsible for adequate law enforcement in social, federal and local levels, ensures the proper implementation of legitimate codes & regulations and acts as a country’s representative in case of legal issues. Presenting the accurate advice to the President & the other federals, ensuring the constitution of state laws and responsibility of overall legal procedures are some of the major job duties of the attorney general.  This job position should pose excellent communication skills, experience of handling legitimate issues and strong knowledge of lawsuit policies. Therefore, the attorney general is one of the most important legitimate job designations, which plays an essential role in preventing the society from anti-social elements by implementing the legal procedures.

Attorney General Job Specifications:

  • Responsibility of prosecutions of civil matters in the district court and issuing the legal instructions for forming the lawsuit regulation within the states.
  • Sound knowledge of defining the legislation acts, welfare acts and ability to formulate various laws for the betterment of the society.
  • Responsibility of recommending the accurate course of actions as stated in the law suits, negotiating & reviewing the procurement documentation and real estate reviews.
  • Effective interpersonal skills to deal the state level legal affairs, attending the meetings with the overseas delegates for discussing the critical & sensitive international disputes by representing the country.
  • Experience of conducting & accessing the fraud and criminal cases by redefining the boundaries between committing the crime and self protection cases.
  • Drafting the proposals for backward classes, child abuse and neglected classes for the social safety by clarifying the time limits of working.