Manager administration job profile and description

The role of a manager administration is at a supervisory level even if it could involve some executive work. The people that tend to do this sort of work are relatively well experienced in the management of the organization. They will understand the basic principles that govern the management of the sector as well as the principle elements that run through the organization. It is a role that is supposed to provide support services to the entire organization.

Manager administration duties and responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of a manager administration role include:

  1. Recruitment and selection of administrative assistants.
  2. Day to day management of administrative units.
  3. Support to senior executives.
  4. Liaison with other managers within the organization.
  5. Review and planning for the section.

Manager administration skills and specifications

The skills and specifications for a person in the role of manager administration include:

  1. General managerial and supervisory skills.
  2. Exceptional communication skills.
  3. Planning skills on a strategic level.
  4. An in depth knowledge of company procedures.
  5. Exceptional organizational skills.

Manager administration education and qualification

The qualifications required for the role of manager administration will largely depend on the organization that is recruiting the officer in question. Here are a few elements that should be included in the selection criteria:

  1. Education to an advanced level.
  2. Some business administration qualifications.
  3. Managerial training.
  4. Sector training relating to company procedures.

Manager administration salary

The salary for someone that is undertaking the role of manager administration is dependent upon their skills and qualifications. In general terms, the starting point should be about $50,000. If the organization is particularly large or if the responsibilities for the officer are extensive then the salary can go right up to $100,000. There are certain organizations that are willing to pay considerably more for the right candidate.