Manufacturing Manager Career Description

A manufacturing manager is involved in the day-to-day operations of the manufacturing department. He or she monitors the proceedings of all the activities in the department closely and resolves all hurdles that come in the way of implementation. A manufacturing manager assists the supervisors in drawing plans and projects for the department. They finalise a budget and time schedule for the project. A manufacturing manager then allocates the work among the execution team according to each of their capabilities and skills. He provides individual time deadlines and performance targets and reviews them continuously. Candidates who want to become manufacturing managers should have good technical and managerial skills that are relevant for the job like understanding the customer specifications, knowing the product, delivering a project within time, leading a team of people, ensuring quality, etc.

Manufacturing Manager Job Career Description

  • A manufacturing manager should design the job responsibilities of the employees and create a good working ambience in the manufacturing department.
  • A manufacturing manager should allocate time deadlines for every part of the project, allocate time scheduled for the employees in the department, and track the progress.
  • They should also provide different facilities like upgraded technology, training, etc to equip the department to function well.
  • A manufacturing manager also conducts appraisal process with the human resources manager to take appropriate steps like incentivising, firing, or reallocating the resources.
  • A manufacturing manager should ensure that the delivery of work happens on time after quality checks and complying with product standards.

Manufacturing Manager Career Salary

Aspiring students who aim to become manufacturing managers should find innumerable opportunities in sectors like manufacturing and distribution, medical device manufacturing, aerospace manufacturing, electronics manufacturing, defence sector, etc. A work experience of 7-10 years can be considered preferable by the employers. The salary of a manufacturing manager can be anywhere between $51,000 and $120,000 per year with the median salary being $80,000. This is according to the research done by Pay Scale in the US and presented through the National Salary data in the website.