Marketing Account Manager Job Profile and Description

There are separate accounts for every department of a company and all those accounts contribute to the main account of the company. As the marketing department is a key department of every company, so as its account is also a key account. In every company the marketing account is managed with a great care. There is a marketing account manager in every company to take care of the marketing account.

Marketing Account Manager Duties and Responsibilities

    • The main responsibility of the marketing account manager is to keep the marketing account book neat and clean as much as possible.
    • He or she has to guide the junior accountants to keep the marketing account properly.

Marketing Account Manager Skills and Specifications

    • The marketing account manager should possess great ability in maintaining big accounts.
    • He or she should possess the skills of man management, so that he or she can manage the whole accounts section, which comprise of several accountants and other staffs.

Marketing Account Manager Education and Qualification

    • If you want to be a marketing accounts manager, then you should possess a chartered accountant degree with you.
    • If you have done the master’s degree in business administration with finance specialization, then you can also go for the marketing account manager post.

Marketing Account Manager Job Salary

    • The salary of a marketing account manager depends upon the skills of the person.
    • The past experience of the person also plays a big role in determining the pay package of him or her.
    • The organization in which he or she is going to be employed also has some role in determining the salary.
    • The general salary range is $4000-$10,000, on a monthly basis.