Marketing coordinator Career Description

The role of a marketing coordinator is very crucial in the marketing department of an organization because a marketing coordinator collaborates with various divisions of the marketing department and with other departments like finance, production, human resources, etc so that there is a strategic fit between various activities and the activities are coexistent and synchronised. Candidates who want to become marketing coordinators should have a master in business administration in marketing specialisation. They should also possess other important skills like good interpersonal skills, a positive attitude, a creative bent of mind, good coordination skills, and expert marketing knowledge. A marketing coordinator should coordinate with different divisions in marketing like sales, promotion, advertising and customer service.

Marketing coordinator Job Career Description

  • A marketing coordinator has to play the important role to connect various departments within and outside the marketing department.
  • Marketing coordinators work under marketing supervisors and marketing managers and devise execution strategies to achieve the broader marketing objectives.
  • A marketing coordinator should develop long term relationships with different stakeholders of the firm like suppliers and customers. They also work as interface of the company with the end consumers.
  • Marketing coordinators should work on the field by overseeing the marketing activities, conducting events and shows, preparing brochures and giving presentations, and representing in firm in front of media and general public.

Marketing coordinator Career Salary

Candidates who are trained to become marketing coordinators should find innumerable opportunities in the field of marketing, advertising, media management, architectural and engineering services, Information Technology (IT) services, health care, and advertising agencies. An experience of 1-4 years in this field can be very useful. According to the salary estimates by National Salary data and released by Pay Scale, the annual compensation of a marketing coordinator can be anywhere in the range of $27,000 to $52,000 while the median salary is about $37,000 per year.