Job Profile: A candidate interested in a marketing job is responsible for corporate marketing for a company or product, where he has to devise strategies to develop a brand and promote it. In order to create a marketing job description, these following categories should be mentioned.

Job Title: Marketing job (Specific sector)

Job Category:

Department or Group:

Job code or reference number:

Location (of office):

Travel required:

Level or salary range:

Position type: (Mention full-time, part-time, contract, internship, freelancing)

HR contract:

Date posted:

Will train applicants:

Posting expires:

Applications accepted by: (Mail, email address of company or Fax number and other contact details)

Job description: A marketing job involves developing and implementing marketing and promotional campaigns to boost sales of a company.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • A marketing executive needs to form strategies on the basis of the company’s goals and also y keeping the budget in mind
  • He has to do extensive market research through which he will know the profile of the target consumer, and what they need
  • He has to analyse the demographic and personal details of the consumers which help in formulating the marketing campaign
  • He has to be in contact with resellers either through phone calls, mails or personal visits
  • He must keep records of sales figures and the results of their marketing campaigns
  • He must identify and meet potential clients and demonstrate product or services
  • He must have connections with the PR firms and ad agencies to hold press conferences

Skills and Specifications

  • Marketing executives must have excellent communication skills, both written and verbal
  • They must be confident, motivated and have good networking skills
  • They should keep track of the latest trends and what their competition is doing

Education and Qualifications

For a marketing job, one can go for bachelors or master’s degree in marketing or an MBA.