Marketing Job Profile and Description:

A marketing executive is in charge of corporate marketing for a particular company or product, where he formulates strategies to build a brand and promote it. He thus plays a very important role in boosting the company’s profits and making the brand more visible to the public.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Marketing executives must formulate strategies based on the company’s objectives and budget
  • They have to do market research and based on the data they get to know the profile of the target consumer, their needs and requirements
  • They analyse the demographic and personal details of the consumers and think of ways to make the product appeal to them
  • They need to be in touch with resellers and maintain contact with them either through phone calls, mails or personal visits
  • They have to keep records of sales figures and the results of their marketing initiatives
  • They have to meet potential clients and demonstrate to them the product or services
  • They must be in touch with ad agencies and public relations firms in order to hold press conferences and interact with the media

Skills and Specifications

  • Marketing executives must have knowledge of the different advertising techniques and strategies
  • Their communication skills, both written and verbal, must be very good
  • They must be confident, motivated and enthusiastic
  • They should keep track of the latest trends and what their competition is doing
  • They must be hardworking as this involves a lot of field work

Education and Qualifications

There are many colleges which provide courses and both bachelor’s and master’s degree in marketing. One can go for a commerce degree or a business management course with specialisation in sales and marketing. A mass communication course in public relations and marketing also helps in getting practical knowledge.