Medical Transcriptionist Career Description

Medical transcriptionists are in huge demand in different kinds of medical centres like hospitals, clinics, health care services, pharmacies, etc. They put the detailed description of the medical history of the patient as dictated by a medical supervisor. They make these entries either on paper or on computer. Candidates who want to become medical transcriptionists should have the relevant education in medicine, should be aware of medical terminologies, and should possess certificate to start working as medical transcriptionists. They need to maintain a record of the patients who have undergone tests and the results of the tests need to be properly stored on the computer for future use.

Medical Transcriptionist Job Career Description

  • A medical transcriptionist should have good listening skills to be able to listen to the medical terminologies and test results as dictated by medical professionals.
  • A medical transcriptionist should also be willing to write the dictated terms in great detail so that the patient can understand his medical history.
  • A medical transcriptionist should also be aware of basic computer skills to manage, update, and create a record of patient database along with their medical diseases, treatments, and test results.
  • To become a medical transcriptionist, candidates should complete Bachelor’s degree in medicine and be familiar with all medical terminologies.

Medical Transcriptionist Career Salary

Candidates who want to become medical transcriptionist can find opportunities in many industries like health care, orthopaedic surgery firms, medical offices, hospitals, and other medical service firms. There is no mandatory work experience requirement but candidates with at least a couple of experience will be preferred. Medical transcriptionists are paid hourly wages and their hourly wage is in the range $10.04 to $19.15. This translates to an annual compensation between $19,000 and $41,000 assuming an eight hour per day schedule. These salary projections are made by Pay Scale after large scale research on salaries paid in the US.