Network Analyst Career Description

A network analyst has the key role to keep the network platform and technology in a firm up to the industry standards. Candidates who want to become network analysts should have excellent computer hardware and software skills. Network analysts understand the network requirements of an organization, and appropriately install the needed technologies in the IT infrastructure of the firm after approval from the higher management. They are well equipped to install, upgrade, and configure the computer systems to a preferred networking level. Network analysts also undertake regular maintenance and repair of the existing IT facilities in the firm. They resolve critical breakdown issues of internet, server, etc and help the firm run in a smooth manner.

Network Analyst Job Career Description

  • Individuals who want to become network analysts should possess the technical knowledge in computer networking, server infrastructure, etc to perform the responsibilities well as a network analyst.
  • They play a crucial role in maintaining the internet, intranet, database servers, emails, etc of the organization and enable them with the authentications needed for the security of the firm.
  • They take up periodic maintenance measures in the organization to ensure that the operating systems and servers in the firm are maintained well and there are no breakdowns of longer periods.
  • Network analysts also should possess good analytical skills so that they can detect issues in the database and repair them.

Network Analyst Career Salary

Candidates who are trained to become Network Analysts will find many job opportunities in the field of IT Services, health care, colleges and universities, manufacturing and distribution, and government sector. Candidates are expected to have 1-4 years of experience to become network analysts. According to the salary estimates by National Salary data which is released by Pay Scale, the annual compensation of a Network Analyst is in the range $37,000 to $72,000 with the median salary being $50,000 per year.