Surgical Nurse Career Description

A surgical nurse is a professional who leads in assisting doctors to treat and cure critical patients who are undergoing surgery. The surgical nurse also takes care of the patient prior and after the surgery. Candidates who want to become a surgical nurse should be specialised in one or other field of nursing. They should also treat the patients with care and compassion. Patients are constantly in close touch with the nurses and so creating a level of understanding and comfort level with the patient is of utmost importance. A surgical nurse may work in a nursing home, government or private hospital. A surgical nurse can divide his or her between one or more nursing departments or one or more hospitals.

Surgical Nurse Job Career Description

  • A surgical nurse is allocated the responsibility to be with the doctor during the surgery, before the surgery for arranging critical equipments, and after the surgery to take care of the patient and monitoring their progress.
  • They should follow doctor’s orders and execute them. In the absence of doctors, they should use their best judgement and take appropriate action.
  • A surgical nurse should create a friendly atmosphere in the critical patient’s ward so that they are able to express their concerns, fear, and issues with the surgical nurse.
  • A surgical nurse should also develop good understanding and rapport with different doctors so that they are constantly in touch with them about any developments in the patients’ condition and take combined action.

Surgical Nurse Career Salary

Aspirants for the position of surgical nurse can find lot of job opportunities in the fields of health care like hospitals, general surgery wards, medical services firms, etc. Candidates should possess a minimum of 8-10 years of experience to become a surgical nurse. According to the salary estimates by National Salary data and released by Pay Scale, the salary of a surgical nurse in the US can lie anywhere between $33,000 and $128,000 per year while the median being about $79,000 approximately.