Nurse Manager Career Description

A nurse manager is responsible for taking care of different activities in the nursing department or nursing ward or nursing home. It includes allocating work schedules to different nursing professionals, assigning different tasks to them, reviewing the functions, taking care of patient facilities, etc. Candidates who want to become Nurse Managers should have the relevant educational qualification in nursing and at least a few years of rich experience in the field. A nurse manager should also possess managerial skills like keeping the team of nursing professionals motivated, energetic, and always up for the task at hand. He or she also must comply with all safety procedures that are applicable to the nursing department.

Nurse Manager Job Career Description

  • A nurse manager takes into account various roles and responsibilities that are to be assigned and recruits a team of people accordingly.
  • A nurse manager should provide all technical and managerial help to the staff to handle an effective functioning of the department.
  • A nurse manager should instil the values and policies of the hospital in all its employees and guide them to perform their tasks in a better manner.
  • A nurse manager should take care of all patient needs and allocate nursing staff for every patient. The nursing department should have various health care facilities for the patient.

Nurse Manager Career Salary

Students who aim to become nurse managers should pursue their graduation course in nursing and have a relevant work experience of about 4-5 years minimum. Popular industries that are continuously in the lookout for good nurse managers are health care firms, hospitals, acute care hospitals, medical services firms, psychiatric hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation centres, etc. Pay Scale has conducted extensive research on the salaries paid to different professionals in the US and published the results on its website through National Salary Data. According these estimates, the annual compensation of a Nurse Manager in the US is between $53,000 and $115,000 and the median salary is about $79,000 per year.