Office Manager Job Duties

An office manager position can land you in various administrative management jobs mostly in the HR, employee compensation and benefits administration departments in various industries, including medical and health care and various service industries like insurance, banks and accounting firms.  The work is basically supervisory in nature requiring some extensive interpersonal and communication skill so you can properly deal with your subalterns in the specific areas you are managing:

Job Duties

  • Coordinate with building administrator to ensure that office environment remain conducive to prescribed productivity levels and ensure worker morale remain high.
  • Ensure that office standards of production and worker performance levels are complied with, as well as office objectives for the quarter or year.
  • Ensure that higher management directives, business objectives, corporate strategies pertinent to your work areas are followed.
  • Coordinate with other management staff in the company regarding office output and input requirements.
  • Provide mentoring support for new hires.
  • Coordinate with HR on all job movements within the office or with other offices in the company that ensure that only the most qualified are promoted.
  • Coordinate with HR on the job progression salaries and benefits administration for workers in your area.
  • Provide performance feedback and ensure that erring worker under your supervision are properly disciplined and encouraged to higher levels of productivity.
  • Terminate employees under your supervision who consistently fail to meet performance targets despite repeated warnings or mentoring.
  • Coordinate with HR in the employment interviews as may be necessary in processing employment applicants to your area.