Customer Service Job Duties

The job brings you directly in touch with customers of a company dealing with services or specific industrial and consumer products. It is focused mostly in customer relationship management with some dovetailing in accounts and complaints management. The objective is to keep the customer happy and satisfied when dealing with the company, whether at the retail or wholesale level.

Job Duties

• Respond courteously with customer inquiries, complaints and general feedback and ensure that they reach the pertinent office for proper action.

• Ensure that corporate directives, policies and procedures and any program mechanics related to any product launching or marketing initiatives are carried out.

• Support marketing efforts in dealing with customer problems, product fit in the market and provide after sales marketing support.

• Support pre selling marketing efforts in sustaining existing markets as well as penetrating new markets to win and sustain market patronage for new product or service launches.

• Answer customer complains and compliments in any media forwarded to brand managers or retail outlets, whether as registered mail, email or by phone.

• Assist the retail sales clerk in addressing any brewing problem involving the customer.

• Provide customer relief or recompense to ensure that dissatisfaction is mitigated or to restore customer confidence and patronage.

• Represent the brand or retail outlet in any product demonstration, launching or information campaigns in the community.

• Undertake customer focus orientation and seminars as required.

• Assist customers on the sales floor in the use of products marketed by the company you work with.