CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) Job Duties

lso known as nurse aides, orderlies, patient care technicians or home health aides, , a certified nursing assistant may not have the allure of a nursing position but it is often at the forefront on patient care in hospitals requiring more patience and heart than skill in caring for patients under supervision of a nurse.  With the right years of experience, usually more than 10 years, the position can be a stepping stone to becoming a registered nurse.

Job Duties

  • Provide routine care of patients with weakened ability to take care of themselves in  basic bathing, grooming, feeding and bathroom functions.
  • Make available the required medical facilities for use by doctors and nurses in treating patients.
  • Assist medical technicians in routine maintenance of medical equipment.
  • Provide patients with the right social and emotional support to help ease their treatment pain or reduce the stress of their medication and health condition.
  • Provide feedback to nurses or doctors on the medical and health condition of patients under their care.
  • Extend nursing care at home when required for post surgical convalescence.
  • Provide support health care support in nursing homes.
  • Prepare patients in MRI scanning procedures.
  • Assists the aged and the invalids in performing routine biological functions.
  • Assists health care professionals in home health assignments in delivering professional services in depressed rural areas.
  • Monitor life tracking systems in comatose patients on a regular basis and report any unusual observation to the nurse on duty.