Office Manager Responsibilities

An office manager is the lowest management position that provided leadership to a branch office or the smallest manageable unit in any department of the company – HR, accounting, marketing, purchasing, etc.  The position is tasked to put to optimum uses the resources of an office and supervise its staff positions to achieve a cohesive oneness in achieving the unit’s functional objective.

Office Manager Job Responsibilities

  • Implement corporate directives and standards in performing the specific functional mission, objectives and mandates for the office
  • Coordinate with corporate HR in filling up office vacancies, developing job descriptions for new positions and ensuring that its people have the correct compensation package.
  • Motivate and develop incentives for staff to perform at their best in line with office performance standards that would allow them to progress with their respective careers.
  • Develop training programs together with HR that make use of in-house training facilities and resources; to this end, procure services of 3rd party trainers as necessary for careers enhancement and job enrichment.
  • Coordinate with office or building administrators to ensure that office environment conducive to high productivity levels remain at its peak.
  • Implement corporate short-term production plans for the office
  • Coordinate with other units in the organization for a seamless and harmonious working relationship to ensure that input to the office are received promptly for processing as well as ensuring office output are made according to specification and deadlines
  • Implement office performance metrics, codes of ethical conduct and disciplinary actions, including termination if warranted, for anyone incurring infractions.