Sales Manager Responsibilities

The sales management function calls for harnessing the company resources and the sales workforce to move its products or services from the shelf to the target markets within prescribed sales quota or goal.  The sales manager ensures that the selling effort complies with marketing objectives and strategies for a smooth conversion of its inventory into revenue streams.

Sales Manager Job Responsibilities

  • Plan the execution of marketing directives and strategies meant to help the sales force attain the required sales quota.
  • Coordinate with store accountants and monitor through sales receipts to provide marketing management with regular sales performance versus planned sales projections and targets and address causes of variance.
  • Invite customers for feedback focus group discussion with marketing executives and assist market research staff in eliciting responses to questionnaires and survey forms.
  • Assist the customer service officers in maintaining close customer contact and other customer building programs they may implement on the sales floor.
  • Involve customers in feedbacks and survey questionnaire to gauge success or failure of promotions and product selling strategies.
  • Provide incentives for sales floor staff to ensure compliance with corporate performance standards and the highest behavior in ethical salesmanship.
  • Coordinate with HR to ensure the sales floor maintains the budgeted number and compensation package for its sales force.
  • Procure in-hour and 3rd party resources in the proper behavioral and technical training of the sales force.
  • Participate in marketing meetings to brainstorm and formulate the strategies and programs that can enhance the efficacy of selling efforts.
  • Coordinate with building, shop or mall administrators to ensure that store facilities remain productive for unhampered selling operations.
  • Enforce corporate performance standards and disciplinary measures for erring sales personnel.