Marketing Responsibilities

Marketing professionals create and sustain market demand for products and services.  They are responsible for developing and implementing strategies to ensure competitive product packaging and pricing while harnessing the pipeline and the right promotions to get the widest reach and product awareness.

Marketing Job Responsibilities

  • Develop the short term marketing plan directing the overall objectives in line with the business objectives and the strategies to synergize the 5 P’s of marketing (product, price, pipeline, people and promotion) to create and sustain market demand and move its inventory into its target markets.
  • Plan, develop and implement programs to enhance, widen and strengthen current customer base including programs that recover lost markets caused by past marketing or selling errors.
  • Coordinate advertising, promotions and public relations campaign within budgets to operationalize new products and services in their target markets
  • Create the proper brand positioning to achieve a sustaining competitive advantage.
  • Identify, explore and nurture distribution channels to efficiently bring the products and services to their widest market reach
  • Strengthen market perception in any product or service edge while minimizing perceptions of weakness.
  • Neutralize or mitigate any competitor advantage to achiever market presence parity at the least.
  • Embark on research on product fit and market suitability to ensure the most cost effective market penetration.
  • Analyze competiting products and services to ensure sustain ability to respond to competitor challenges.
  • Empower the sales function to make tactical decisions on pricing, promotions and packaging for real-time responsiveness to sudden or emerging market challenges.