Pricing and Tariff Manager Job Profile and Description

The Pricing/Tariff Manager establishes the break even point and implements the approved pricing structure for sales agents to comply with in distributing products and services with some tolerance in real time market demand and competitor responsiveness in its markets.  The position is critical in ensuring that the company has the correct product or service pricing to ensure the company gets reasonable returns while meeting market needs.

Pricing and Tariff Manager Duties and Responsibilities

  • Formulate the pricing model to arrive at a truly representative tariff structure for the various products offered by the company.
  • Gather data from brand budgeting, cost accounting, and market research to simulate pricing movements and seasonal pricing fluctuations.
  • Determine the break even points in each product line or brand and provide pricing tolerances for line sales managers to adapt to specific market situations when they need to discount without diluting revenues.
  • Manage a team of Pricing Analysts that regularly update pricing model to reflect market and competition landscape.
  • Implement changes on tariff structure as necessary.

Pricing and Tariff Manager Skills and Specifications

  • Must have an excellent understanding of the pricing dynamics of a product in various markets and in the face of competition
  • Must have a thorough understanding of statistical or mathematical models for pricing
  • Excellent management, organization, people management and communication skills


Pricing and Tariff Manager Education and Qualifications

  • A college degree in Commerce, Business Management, or in a technical course related to the industry where the business operates is basic.
  • An MBA with 3-5 years experience in a management function in a related area is an advantage.

Pricing and Tariff Manager Pricing and Tariff Manager Salary

A manager in the marketing department of a company enjoys a median annual income of around $80,000 for staff functions like pricing and tariff management. There’s a wide latitude in the salary range depending on the industry where the business operates, the complexity of the tariff structure and the market reach.