Pub Manager Career Description

A pub manager is primarily responsible to look after various activities in a pub or discotheque. People generally spend their leisure time and weekends in pubs. The main motive of spending time in a pub can be to relieve oneself of the daily pressures of life, enjoy with friends, celebrate achievements, etc. So the pub manager needs to understand these requirements and provide appropriate services to the customers. They need to ensure that there is enough food and drinks available for all customers. They need to maintain the atmosphere and ambience of the pub. They should look at the kind of music being played by the disc jockey according to the needs of the customers, etc.

Pub Manager Job Career Description

  • To become a pub manager there is no definite education requirement. A graduate degree in hospitality management would be an added advantage.
  • The pub manager has varied responsibilities. They need to respond to the requirements of the pub as and when demanded.
  • The pub manager is the main responsible person to manage the activities in a pub. They need to book the customer’s orders, keep the ambience of the pub according to the customer demands, and maintain the music of the pub in line with the celebration.
  • They also need to maintain the timings and comply with all government regulations that are applicable to them. They should not be performing illegal activities in the pub. The pub manager needs to ensure that decency is maintained in the pub at all circumstances.

Pub Manager Career Salary

There is no mandatory education requirement to become a pub manager. However one has to have at least 1-4 years of relevant experience working in a pub. The work can be quite stressful. The pub managers are paid an hourly rate which is in the range $8.83 to $15.00 per hour. This is taken from the salary estimates made by Pay Scale through the release of the National Salary data. These results flow from exhaustive research done by Pay Scale throughout the US on the compensation paid by US employers on different professionals.