Social Media Coordinator Career Description

A social media coordinator’s role is very important in today’s business context as the presence of wide variety of firms over the social media space. Candidates who want to become social media coordinators should have the relevant knowledge about social networking sites; use them for improving the brand image of the firm, and making the marketing message clear to a large domain of people. Therefore it will be beneficial if the candidates possess a post graduation in marketing management. The main functions of a social media coordinator entail creating a media presence for the firm, continuously updating different social networking sites with various coexistent messages, taking feedback from readers or viewers or customers and implementing the feedback into the firm’s products or services.

Social Media Coordinator Job Career Description

  • A social media coordinator is mainly responsible for maintaining a positive brand image in the internet or social media space.
  • A social media coordinator should design effective marketing strategies that can help the firm improve its reach and increase its customer base.
  • The candidates who want to become social media coordinator should know that the job is not a one-time exercise. Continuous monitoring of each social media marketing activity should be undertaken and regular coordination with the end consumer through feedbacks should be implemented.
  • A social media coordinator should also coordinate with other marketing departments of the firm like product development, advertising, sales, etc. and make consistent messages across all marketing strategies.

Social Media Coordinator Career Salary

Candidates who want to become Social Media Coordinator can find innumerable opportunities. The fields where there are frequent job openings for the position of a social media coordinator are marketing, advertising, media management, advertising agencies, public relations, marketing and social event firms, internet and new media, web development firms, etc. Employers expect candidates to possess 1-4 years of relevant experience. According to the salary estimates by Pay Scale released through National Salary data, the annual compensation of a Social Media Coordinator is in the range of $25,000 to $74,000 with the median salary being $50,000 per year.