Student Advisor Career Description

A student advisor provides customised service to students for various kinds of needs that can relate to his or her education, job related, or personal issues. A student advisor can work in schools, colleges, or universities and help in designing courses and their structure that are in the best interest of the students. Candidates who want to become student advisors should preferably have an educational background in career counselling, social service, etc. Also a few years of work experience in the education sector can be very beneficial in understanding the student requirements at different stages. A student advisor should know what are the needs and issues of students, how are they affected by these issues and how best to tackle them.

Student Advisor Job Career Description

  • A student advisor is generally employed in colleges and universities who help the teaching and non teaching faculty design the contents and course curriculum to develop the intellectual capabilities of the students but in a systematic and sensible manner.
  • Apart from curriculum related problems, students can also face personal issues and professional issues that can be handled on a case to case basis by the student advisors.
  • A student advisor is always available in an educational institute to listen and be responsive to the student needs.
  • A student advisor also acts like an interface between the students and the school or college management. If students cannot directly approach the management to discuss their problems, then the student advisor does it on their behalf.

Student Advisor Career Salary

Candidates who want to become Student advisors can find many job openings in the field of education especially colleges and universities, technical colleges, vocational colleges, etc. There is no mandatory education requirement. But the candidates need to understand education requirements of students along with other requirements during the student life. According to the research conducted by Pay Scale on the salaries paid out to various professionals in the United States, the annual compensation of a Student advisor varies between $25,000 and $51,000 while the median salary is about $36,000 per year.