Telecommunication Business Analyst Career Description

A telecommunications business analyst is the key technical professional in a telecommunications firm. He or she works to understand the business requirements of a telecom firm and develop business strategies to address those needs. A telecommunications business analyst is one of those professionals in a telecom firm that shows direction to the firm by its proactive nature. Candidates who want to become a telecommunications business analyst should preferably have a master in business administration in any stream like finance, marketing, operations or systems. Although it is not mandatory to possess work experience, having experience adds to the expertise of the prospective telecommunications business analyst. The telecommunications business analyst is a very critical resource of an organization as they help an organization to overcome the future threats and maximise the future opportunities.

Telecommunication Business Analyst Job Career Description

  • A telecommunications business analyst is responsible for formulating business strategies according to the likely business scenarios in the future.
  • He is dexterous at analysing the business requirements in the telecom industry and make feasible plans that the firm can adopt for maximising the opportunities that are most probable to arise.
  • A telecommunications business analyst is also held responsible for maintaining superior relationship with different partners of the company like suppliers and customers.
  • A telecommunications business analyst is also in charge of changing the business processes in accordance with the future business models so that all employees in the organization can provide an inclusive role for the growth of the firm.

Telecommunication Business Analyst Career Salary

Candidates who aim to become a telecommunication business analyst should possess detailed knowledge in the field of telecommunication. Candidates who have at least 3-4 years of experience in the telecommunication sector find it easier to locate opportunities in the field of Information Technology (IT) services, telecommunications sector, insurance sector, health care firms, etc. According to the salary estimates by the National Salary data and released by Pay Scale after extensive research in the United States, the salary of a telecommunication business analyst can lie anywhere between $38,000 and $81,000 per year with the median salary being $56,000 per year approximately.