A marketing trainee is responsible for assisting in the diverse marketing projects, implementing the basic marketing plans, attending the prospective customer calls and preparing the initial level marketing proposals. Scheduling the meeting with the potential clients, participating in the corporate marketing programs and maintaining the necessary records are some of the important job duties of a marketing trainee. A marketing trainee should pose effective interpersonal skills, ability to understand the client’s requirements and knowledge of the current marketing techniques. Hence, a marketing trainee plays a vital role in managing the marketing department by investing his basic skills.

Marketing Trainee Job Specifications:

  • Good communication skills to converse with the marketing staff, dealing with the other departments such as accounts & administration section and talking to the customers for arranging the appointments & meetings.
  • Good knowledge of the existing marketing policies & legitimate procedures to prepare the essential documentation such as marketing plans, tenders and drafting the urgent corporate application & deals.
  • Understanding of the marketing material to be used for the advertising purpose and ability to get the material supplies from the concerned external printing party.
  • Confidence to assist the marketing coordinator for completing the regular procedures by helping them in achieving their targets.
  • Ability to attend the diverse marketing seminars and fulfilling the assigned responsibilities.
  • Analyzing the different marketing strategies and achieving the issued target by working hard & maintaining the discipline.
  • Communicating with the PR firms for printing the essential write ups in the newspapers & putting ads on the TV.