A HR trainee is responsible for assisting the HR department, managing the human resources policies and procedures, maintaining the essential reports and ensuring the smooth function of the department. Educating the departments about the approved HR policies, contacting the consulting agencies and conducting the recruitment programs are some of the important job duties of a HR trainee. This job position should pose excellent communication skills, knowledge of existing human resources strategies and ability to handle the payroll system. Therefore, a HR trainee plays an essential role in managing the regular programs and procedures of an organization.

HR Trainee Job Specifications:

  • Effective interpersonal abilities to converse with all departments of the organization, demonstrating the approved HR programs and assisting the human resources department in implementing the diverse programs.
  • Ability to participate in the employee training programs by communicating with all departments for collecting the interested employee names.
  • Knowledge of different HR report formats, updating the existing records and submitting the reports to the senior human resources officer.
  • Good experience for initiating initial level recruitment advertising campaigns online with the instructions of the senior HR officer and updating the uploaded job descriptions whenever required.
  • Handling the different queries from the employees and workers.
  • Confidence to handle the internal issues and recording the serious disputes for taking appropriate course of actions.
  • Maintaining the monthly payroll system, initiating the departments financial planning and collaborating with the advertisers & consulting agencies.
  • Responding to the received e- mails, resumes and candidature applications online and keeping the records for the same.