A travel coordinator functions to handle the assigned administrative duties, communicates with the clients, manages travelling procedures and maintains the documentation regarding the same. Preparing the logistic details, generating the required corporate agreements, completing the reservation are some of the essential job duties of a travel coordinator. This job position should pose good interpersonal skills, patience & knowledge of making transportation arrangement and ability to handle the high profile clients. Hence, a travelling coordinator plays an important role in organizing a trip from boarding to lodging.

Travel Coordinator Job Specifications:

  • Ability to understand the offered travelling packages, discounts offered on the different slots and maintaining a healthy customer network.
  • Experience of planning the trip according to the customer’s requirement, arranging the boarding & lodging, ensuring the convenient time for the trip and collecting the payment from the customers.
  • Knowledge of coordinating with the transportation companies, understanding the exact demands of the client, suggesting the suitable travelling package and preparing the invoices.
  • Handling the PR activities such as communicating with the newspapers, putting ads on the TV and interviewing with the media for promoting the new travelling plans & openings.
  • Coordinating with the other departments such as accounts & administration section, obtaining the list of the pending payments, conversing with the customers for sorting their queries.
  • Expert in taking care of customer complaints and convincing them for further travelling deals.
  • Preparing the affordable travelling kits, suggesting the effective improvements in the travelling programs and executing the new travelling policies as per the government regulation.