A travel agency manager is responsible for overseeing the routine activities of the travel agency, selling the touring & travelling packages, handling the customers and initiating the benefit deals with the transportation companies. Evaluating the new travelling policies, directing the staff to prepare the trip and handling the essential clients are some of the important job duties of a travel agency manager. This job designation must pose good communication skills, knowledge of conducting the diverse travelling programs and expertise in initiating a good relationship with the corporate clients. Therefore, a travel agency manager plays a vital role in managing & organizing the travel agency by investing the best of his efforts.

Travel Agency Manager Job Specifications:

  • Good interpersonal skills for communicating with all concerned departments, passing the required instructions to the staff members and executing the different travelling packages.
  • Knowledge to deal with the high profile customer queries, promoting the newly introduced travelling packages by meeting the potential clients and generating the maximum sales by providing the sufficient discounts.
  • Good leadership skills to motivate the team for performing better, observing the staff’s outcome and taking decisions about firing & selecting the new employees.
  • Experience of targeting the right customers, initiating the advertising campaigns to promote the travel agency and ensuring the smooth functioning of the department.
  • Ability to handle the displeased consumers, familiarity with the offered destination packages and preparing the budget of the selected touring packages.
  • Maintaining the monthly expenditure records, updating the travel scheduling database and coordinating with the hotels and lodges, etc.