A travel consultant functions to manage the trip, guides the customer about the suitable travel package, completes the travel arrangements and coordinates with the concerned transportation entities. Arranging the reservations for the departure & arrival, managing the accommodation and preparing the essential documentation are some of the important job responsibilities of a travel consultant. A travel consultant should pose good communication skills, ability to handle the prospective & corporate clients and knowledge of the existing travelling regulations. Hence, a travel consultant is the important job position, who works to facilitate the customers and participates in managing the travel agency.

Travel Consultant Job Specifications:

  • Ability to promote the travel agency’s beneficial plans, confidence of educating the customers & help them to choose the right destination for holidays and managing the corporate queries for coordinating with the hotels & lodges.
  • Understanding the customer requirements, selling the accurate travelling plan to the client and calculating the expected expenditures for the chosen travelling product.
  • Advising the clients about visas, passport formalities, foreign currency, local transportation and accommodation, etc in case of abroad trips.
  • Knowledge of preparing the essential documents, handing over important invoices & booking receipts to the clients and conveying the same to the destination party.
  • Arranging the display material at the outlet to promote the various plans and maintaining the important booking schedules & updating the database.
  • Experience of managing a good high profile client network and informing them regularly for introducing the various travelling programs.
  • Communicating with the clients during the visit for sorting their small queries.