Writer Job Specification

Writer creates and develops the works of non-fiction and fiction, which covers various forms including prose, poetry, various materials for screen, radio, theatre, comedy scripts, and documentaries and so on.  Writers may also write articles for newspapers or magazines or create website content for various websites. The work responsibilities and writing activities of a writer varies with the subject on which he writes. Most writers are self-employed and take up freelance works.

Writer  SpecificationS

  • Knowledge of the technical constraints and requirements related to film, television, or radio.
  • Good foundation in the composition of language and grammar.
  • Knowledge of computer applications and ability to operate a computer.
  • Excellent literary research skills as well as business-related skills.
  • Must possess literary, networking, time management and self-discipline skills.
  • Should have imagination skills and a clear, entertaining writing style.
  • Ability to develop and maintain media contacts.
  • Should possess web, IT, editing and typing skills.
  • Must possess necessary financial skills in order to manage in the current employment market.
  • Should be able to accept and understand criticism with objectivity.
  • Must possess strong writing skills along with keen attention to details.
  • Should be able to manage the time effectively with good judgment and understanding skills.
  • Ability to write with clarity and style, which makes up a perfect writer.
  • Ability to operate to tight deadlines.
  • Ability to work single-handedly for long periods.
  • Ability to understand written sentences as well as paragraphs in writing works related documents
  • Ability to communicate the ideas and information in speaking.