Criminal Lawyer Job Profile and Description

The criminal lawyer is of two types: the public defender and the private lawyer. The public defenders are those who are appointed by the state to defend those who can’t afford their own lawyer. There are many public defenders who are really private lawyers appointed by the state to defend the person concerned.

There are various private lawyers who are appointed by clients for different criminal cases as well. The price of appointment is dependent on the lawyer.

Criminal Lawyer Duties and Responsibilities

  • The lawyer must be adept at fact-finding
  • He or she needs to participate in preliminary motions
  • He or she must be an expert at legal analysis
  • He or she should also be good with plea bargaining
  • He or she is in charge with jury selection
  • He must also create memorandums
  • He is required to be present throughout the trial and sentencing

Criminal Lawyer Skills and Specifications

  • Must be a specialist at different levels of appeals
  • Should be able to find facts according to the case
  • Should be good with organizing and managing different research and case evidence
  • Should be vocal and have a clear voice
  • Should be able to handle different clients of different temperaments

Criminal Lawyer Education and Qualifications

  • There must be seven years of high school study before applying for law school
  • 4 years of undergraduate law school
  • 3 years of law school and training
  • One must clear all entrance exams
  • He or she is required to pass the bar and ethics exam

Criminal Lawyer Salary

The criminal lawyers do not get paid annually. They do not have contingency rates for the sort of service they offer. It is based on an hourly fee or an overall amount asked for different cases.

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