Account Clerk Career Description

An Account clerk is a professional that looks after the transactional recordings of the account department. He or she has to be good at stock taking, book keeping, recording stocks coming in and going out, reporting discrepancies to the higher authorities, etc. Account clerks are needed in many organizations and openings can be found in every sector. Account clerks should be good at financial reporting like accounting concepts like debit, credit, general ledger, etc and being good at mathematics will be a great added advantage. They should also be adept at using basic computer software for recording various entries and transactions for future referral and use.

Account Clerk Job Career Description

  • Account clerks should have knowledge in accountancy, mathematics, and computer sciences. These will be useful to execute the responsibilities of an account clerk effectively.
  • Account clerks should perform day to day role of recording the transactions, making periodic reports, and reporting grievances and irregularities in the stocks, etc.
  • Maintaining regular files, accounting entries, etc for present calculations and future reference.
  • An account clerk should also assist the accounts payable and accounts receivables departments in maintaining and improving their accounts.
  • Completing daily entries, making periodic reports, checking employee attendance, assisting the payroll department, etc are also some of the other functions of an account clerk.
  • The records maintained in the files would be used for future auditing and corrections in the processes of the organization.

Account Clerk Career Salary

Candidates can find opportunities as account clerks in many industries like government sector, accountancy, housing sector, auto or car dealership companies, transportation sector, etc. Candidates are expected to have previous experience of at least 1-4 years and relevant education. The total annual pay of an accounts clerk is about $22,000 to $42,000 as per National Pay Data estimates by Pay Scale. The account clerks are also paid hourly wages which ranges from $10.19 to $18.54 per hour.