Account Manager Career Description

An account manager is primarily responsible to maintain and improve the accounts of the company. He or she has to improve customer accounts by maintaining customer relationships, increasing sales, making prospective customers as their loyal customers through various promotional schemes, etc. They are responsible for working with both the top level and the middle level management of the firm by planning strategies and implementing them. They also need to work with various departments of the firm like finance and marketing so as to deal with revenues and marketing schemes respectively. An account manager has a major variable component in their pay to incentivise them on their successful customer acquisitions. They also need to possess relevant qualification to get into this field.

Account Manager Job Career Description

  • An accounts manager is responsible to improve various accounts of the organization by improving the strategies of the firm.
  • An account manager should find ways to control the costs and improve the revenues by constantly reviewing current scenarios and choosing lucrative future opportunities.
  • An account manager should be able to coordinate with various teams to arrive at key strategies that can give a leading competitive edge to the firm.
  • Account manager also should have good interpersonal skills and convincing abilities to drive initiatives and execute plans well.
  • Candidates who want to become account managers should be ready to capture the changes in the market, and study industry trends well.

Account Manager Career Salary

Account managers can find opportunities in sectors like insurance, IT, marketing, media, brokerage, etc. Candidates who have at least 3-4 years of experience in the field will find it easier to get through this position in any of the top companies. According to the figures released by the website Pay Scale, the annual compensation of an account manager is between $30,000 and $81,000 and depends upon the education and experience level.