Account Supervisor Career Description

An account supervisor is one who oversees the key accounts of an organization. Various functions entail the job of an account supervisor. Prominent among them are managing customer accounts, making records of key accounts of the organization, presenting reports of accounts to the higher management, taking corrective actions to improve the standing of the organization. An account supervisor has many people working under him or her who can be accountant professionals, audit professionals, accounts clerks, etc. An account supervisor sets targets to achieve for each of these professionals and monitor their progress continuously. He is also responsible for working with various departments internal and external to the organization for better business sales and development.

Account Supervisor Job Career Description

  • An account supervisor is continuously in touch with clients to understand their requirements and meet them.
  • They also discuss key weaknesses and threats of the firm with the top management to find solutions and address them effectively.
  • They are an interface to the media to handle questions on the business and supply chain partners.
  • They are also the professionals linking the internal departments with external parties to provide strategic fit to the organization.
  • They work tirelessly with the marketing department to form marketing strategies, communicate them to the employees to execute them effectively on the ground, and improve customer relationships by meeting their needs in a timely manner.

Account Supervisor Career Salary

Candidates who are trained to become account supervisors can find opportunities in public relations companies, advertising agencies, marketing – advertising – media management companies, customer services departments, and auto rental companies. Candidates with more than five years of experience are generally preferred for the post of an account supervisor. According to the National Salary Data, the annual compensation of an account supervisor ranges from $43,000 to $87,000 with the median salary being $60,000 per year.