Accountant Job Duties

The accountant position covers a number of specialized functions in large companies and government agencies.  They can each be responsible for capital, billing, budgets, revenues, cost, payroll, inventories and tax accounting to mention some.  The position can be found as entry level positions all the way to corporate comptrollership executive positions that head entire accounting departments.  For small companies, an accountant is often expected to do all these.

Job Duties

  • Implement the statutes on accounting standards and keep abreast of developments in the industry where they operate.
  • Implement the company’s general ledger system, whether automated or manual.
  • Keep track and journalize all moneys that come in and come out of the company and report in the form of cash flow statements.
  • Maintain a record of corporate assets and liabilities as well as merchandising inventories to allow for an accurate balance sheet statement every period.
  • Prepare the company’s end of fiscal year income statements for stakeholders and tax purposes.
  • Compute and prepare the proper tax payments.
  • Prepare cash payments to suppliers and vendors.
  • Keep track of expenses and or income from cost centers, projects, retail branches, social corporate events, marketing promotions and other corporate activities.
  • Process employee payroll and liaise with the authorized banks for automatic fund transfers for employee salaries.
  • Assist the owner or budget officer in preparing the annual operating and capital expense budgets.
  • Participate in economic feasibility studies for setting up and capitalizing subsidiaries.
  • Provide company owners and stakeholders with regular reports on the financial health of the company.