Waitress Job Duties

One of the most demanding jobs in the service and hospitality industries is the waiter/waitress position in restaurants and diners.  The water/waitress effectively represents the company with customer front facing liaising duties that involve aspects of satisfying the customer patronizing the restaurant.  In addition, for small eateries, a waiter/waitress can also be involved in assisting the chef in preparing the cooking ingredients and helping out ensure that tables and table implements are well prepared and available.

Job Duties

  • Generally pamper the customer as soon as they step into the restaurant.
  • Serve the menu and wait out for customer orders to be made.
  • Ensure that customer orders are accurately taken down based on the menu entrees including any special requests in preparing the dish.
  • Explain the ingredients used or manner of preparation in any menu entrée as may be asked by the customer. This requires knowledge about each and every entrée in the menu.
  • Comply with restaurant customer policies such as wearing the prescribed uniforms, greeting and addressing customers by their names, recommending specials and promotional items as well as carry out special meal presentations during birthdays and other celebrations done in the restaurant for patrons.
  • Handle customer complaints judiciously and courteously according to restaurant policies.
  • Ensure that the kitchen staff get the orders right and serve them within standard times.
  • Ensure that the check is paid.
  • Ensure that vacated tables are restored to pristine condition ready to receive the next customer.
  • Assist the kitchen staff to ensure that table wares and implements are available for serving.