Accountant Responsibilities

The accountant is one of the fundamental core positions in any company and has evolved from a one-man position to one specialized in the various accounting elements.  Depending on the nature and reach of a company’s operations, an accountant can be assigned in divisions specialized in billing, budgeting, revenues, cost, payroll, inventories and tax accounting, just to mention some.

Accountant Job Responsibilities

  • Implement the government standards and regulations for correctly maintaining the company’s book of accounts.
  • Implement the company’s automated or manual general ledger system and Coordinate with the IT group for any development or enhancement work in evolving the accounting system to be more attuned to corporate needs.
  • Keep track and journalize all accountable items that come in and out of the company and initiate queries and clarifications to submitting units or officers as necessary.
  • Maintain a complete and updated record of assets and liabilities as well as merchandising inventories to ensure accuracy in the quarterly and annual corporate balance sheet statements.
  • Prepare the company’s end of fiscal year financial statements for income, changes in cash positions and assets and liabilities for tax purposes, investor and stakeholder appreciation and security commission valuation of the company’s financial situation.
  • Prepare the proper compliance settlements on corporate taxes and other government regularity monetary requirements.
  • Verify and ensure correct cash or check payments to suppliers and vendors.
  • Ensure correct accounting practice for affiliate accounting and consolidation of financial accounts, proper recording of revenues and expenses from cost and profit centers, retail branches and affiliates, projects, corporate events and marketing promotions.
  • Assist in the budgeting process; ensure correct employee payroll, fund transfers, stock valuation and asset disposal receipts.