Receptionist Responsibilities

The receptionist is a frontline customer-facing function that is an entry level clerical position.  You find them in virtually all offices and establishment as they are often the first people customers see. They occupy front desks in building lobbies and in visitor areas in offices.  As the name of the position indicates, a receptionist receives guests and visitors, but actually has deeper responsibilities than that.

Receptionist Job Responsibilities

  • Maintain the prescribed decorum, hygiene, personal appearance, speech, attitude and wear the required uniform and identification at all times to remain consistent with the corporate image the company is known for.
  • Receive guests and visitors of the office with the highest professionalism and courtesy and provide the information and amenities as allowed by the company.
  • Inform the proper staff or office of the presence of visitors at the lobby for proper disposition.
  • Coordinate with building or company security to implement the proper screening of guests and visitors and ensure any infractions or violations are dealt with according to security requirements.
  • Answer all incoming calls and forward or direct them to the proper office or person in the office.
  • Assist clerical staff in maintaining office files and records; provide data entry services, finalize memos and correspondences and coordinate with messengerial and courier services to have them delivered or distributed.
  • Implement the prescribed timekeeping or attendance monitoring system for staff in the office and provide regular reports.
  • Schedule interview appointments with applicants as well as 3rd party vendors, suppliers and clients as may be required by the office.
  • Perform clerical and administrative tasks as may be assigned by the office manager.