Actor Career Description

The high profile celebrity world of movie actors can be alluring for people who believe they have what takes to be a star.  But acting is more about talent than being a star.  Most actors love acting first, the celebrity status is just icing on the cake. It’s the acting talent that counts.

  • Professional actors need to memorize their lines for the role they play.  Some would internalize the part and bring a more natural delivery in their lines.
  • Punctually in state rehearsals is the mark of a professional actor.
  • Following the director is another and shows controlled discipline in following orders.

Education and training

A high school diploma may not even be required, but getting yourself enrolled in an acting school of fine reputation can open wider acting opportunities in the industry.    Directors who launch auditions may not even want to entertain applicants without an acting school in their credentials. Apart from a competent acting skill, actors can stand out if they have the stage presence in terms of looks and voice.


A career in acting brings you to the theater where plays are staged.  You can be a bit player to fill roles or, if you have acting skills and stage presence, you can take on the lead roles.  In the past, movie studios employ a stable of actors, but today most actors are essentially freelance artists who retain a talent manager to scout for suitable roles in a play or movie.  But the acting career need not always call for your presence.  You can be a voice talent in radios and animation as well.

Unless you land in a major movie project, the typical range of salaries in the acting profession is from $29,000 to $53,000 annually for a Broadway play.