Agriculture career descriptions provide you details on the range of career options available to candidates specialising in agriculture. There are various streams that specialise in various aspects of agriculture. Some of them are food science, science in wildlife, soil management, agricultural economics, etc. Agriculture is an ever green field with immense opportunities. If one has interest in agriculture, then there is no dearth of openings. Below is the list of career choices elated to agriculture.

There are various career choices in agriculture related fields. Some of them are:

  • Farm workers
  • Agricultural engineering
  • Soil conservationists
  • Agricultural technician
  • Agricultural economist
  • Farm supervisor
  • Farm production manager
  • Agribusiness management
  • Tourism Officer

If one is considering a career in any agriculture related field, then the following points can be extremely helpful to establish a strong foundation in this area.

  • The minimum educational requirement across any field of agriculture is high school and a Bachelor’s degree in agriculture.
  • A Post-graduation in specialized agricultural topics will help a candidate in securing a career in specific areas of agriculture. Like education in soil conservation can lead to obtaining the profile of soil scientist.
  • A candidate who is backed by an education in agriculture can be an economist in agriculture, an agricultural engineer, a field worker, etc.
  • Careers related to agriculture can also be extended to tourism, horticulture, forestry and wildlife, etc.
  • With the evolving technology in agriculture, career in agriculture related fields has become lucrative and exciting.

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