Environmental Engineer Career Description

An environmental engineer has the responsibility to save the environment with various engineering techniques. There are many issues based on environment like air pollution, water pollution, soil erosion, global warming, disposal of waste products, etc. An environmental engineer works to provide a balance to the biosphere by protects human, animal, and plant life. Candidates who want to become environmental engineers should have very detailed knowledge on environmental sciences, biology, chemistry etc. These topics will equip students with all the right skills to make a person skilled at the job of an environmental engineer. They may also have to attend conferences on environmental issues and coordinate with various authorities to develop effective environmental strategies.

Environmental Engineer Job Career Description

  • This career needs a lot of travelling to meet various authorities and experts. They should make the government aware of any harmful actions performed by any region.
  • They should convince the appropriate authorities to fund them to develop environmental engineering techniques like recycling plant, waste treatment procedures, etc in association with experts, consultants, etc in the field.
  • They may also help the government form environmental regulations that should be complied with people and firm in the territory of the nation.
  • They also work with other professionals like scientists, environmental technicians, and other experts related to the field.

Environmental Engineer Career Salary

Candidates who want to work in the field of environmental engineering should find plenty of opportunities in engineering consulting, environmental consulting, governmental agencies, consultancy firms, energy and utilities sector, etc. Candidates are expected to have some experience in the form of full time employment, internships, and apprenticeships. According to the salary estimates by National Salary Data released by Pay Scale, the annual compensation of an environmental engineer lies in the range of $42,000 to $92,000. The median salary is about $62,000 per year.