Business Controller Career Description

A Business controller aims to decrease the costs of the firm to a minimum by undertaking various control measures. They supervise the financial activities of the firm and form short, medium, and long term financial goals for the firm. Business controllers oversee various financial departments of the firm like accounting, tax, investment, audit, etc. They understand the capital requirements and revenues from each profit centre and suggest ways to increase their profits i.e. increase revenues and particularly by minimising finances. They prepare various financial reports of the company and fill tax forms and tax returns. They also help the firm take investment decisions by reducing idle cash in the firm. They prepare yearly budgets and control the actual budgets against them.

Business Controller Job Career Description

  • A Business controller has to have good background in finance to be able to deliver his responsibilities well.
  • A Business controller has to look after every finance department with a goal to cut the costs of the firm in any way possible.
  • They also undertake to prepare financial statement and file tax forms.
  • Business controllers have the key role in increasing the profitability of the firm by taking management control measures and reduce any unnecessary expenditure.
  • They should be good at analysing the costs of the firm, preparing yearly budgets, working with complex excel sheets, have a management information systems exposure, etc.
  • Candidates with a background in business administration with a specialisation in finance are preferred for the position of a business controller.

Business Controller Career Salary

Business Controllers are in demand in various kinds of organizations. Job opportunities to work as business controllers can be found in manufacturing and distribution industries, investment banking firms, construction companies, semiconductor industries, financial services industries, etc. The Pay Scale estimates show that the annual compensation of a business controller is in the range $52,000 to $166,000 with the median salary being $110,000 approximately.