Business System Analyst Career Description

A Business system analyst tries to understand the business processes of an organization, tries to find technological hurdles for future growth expansion of the firm, and creates a technological platform that act as solutions to the problems being faced by the firm. They create functional specifications of the requirements of the firm and work with the technical team of the computer department to convert them into software program solutions. They provide services that can help the firm grow into a sustainable business with long term competitive advantage. Candidates who want to become business system analysts should be very proactive in understanding the business needs, should have expertise in software programming, and adapt to the future trends in the industry.

Business System Analyst Job Career Description

  • Business system analyst should start by analysing the business model and various business processes of the firm to unearth the key hurdles and requirements of the firm.
  • Then they should understand the technical platforms currently in place. The new requirements should be matched with the current technical platforms to find areas of improvement.
  • They should then shortlist a few possible implementable solutions and propose these alternatives to the top management.
  • By cost benefit analysis, the top management will direct the business system specialist to implement the best alternative.
  • The best alternative should be implemented and the new processes are to be communicated to the whole organization.

Business System Analyst Career Salary

There is no dearth of job opportunities to become business system analysts for candidates with the right kind of skills and expertise. Important sectors where opportunities can be found are IT services, insurance, financial services, health care, banking, etc. Almost 40% candidates who are business system analysts have an experience of between 1-4 years. The compensation of a business system analyst varies with the education background and number of years of relevant experience. The salary of a business system analyst can vary from $42,000 to $92,000 per annum.