Investment Banking Analyst Career Description

An investment banking analyst take care of the investment decisions of a bank by analysing various opportunities in the current market conditions. Investment banking jobs are the most sought after jobs for management graduates who have specialised in the field of finance. The job involves lot of complex analysis through excel spreadsheets and other applications and involves the bank to take some amount of risk to manage a decent return. It is most important to understand that there can be losses undertaken by the bank even after a thorough analysis. So they should recruit investment banking analysts who have good grasp on the fundamentals of investment decision, can weigh the market conditions well, and can gauge risk appropriately.

Investment Banking Analyst Job Career Description

  • Investment banking analysts are expected to be thoroughly aware of the investments in the market and the reasons for market fluctuations. They should be able to correlate stocks in a future date and estimate profitability.
  • They should have a firm background in finance with excellent usage skills of excel spreadsheet, macros, etc.
  • Candidates should know how to analyse various stocks and investments from a risk – return perspective.
  • They need to generate reports on attractive investment options that the firm can look for and generate profits for investors and shareholders.
  • They should convince the top management of the firm and the investors to look for lucrative investment opportunities.

Investment Banking Analyst Career Salary

Candidates who want to get into investment banking analyst profile can find related employment roles in investment banking, financial services, banking, investment fund companies, business research, analysis and advisory services. High prior experience level in the field is expected from the candidate by the employers. By the estimates done by Pay Scale, the National Salary data of US projects the salary of an investment banking analyst to be in the range of $44,000 to $120,000 per year.  The median salary is $80,000 approximately.