Cashier Responsibilities

The cashier is the point of payment in any business.  Everyone is familiar with the position when shopping in the malls and supermarkets.  It’s the guy at the checkout counter with point-of-sale terminal and card reader where you swipe your credit or debit card.  .

Cashier Job Responsibilities

  • Apart from accepting cash, debit and credit card payments, depending on store policy, accept and process personal checks simply accessing its customer database for frequent shoppers to know that the check is good
  • Ensure proper reconciliation between starting cash and ending cash positions with actual cash sales.
  • Provide cash position reports at the end of the shift in a multi-shift sales operation. Small discrepancies may be overlooked as most establishments provide allowances for error, but repeated discrepancies beyond a certain amount can be grounds for dismissal.
  • Some cashiers are authorized to accept merchandise returns as per store policies and must ensure that returned items are in good condition and the details of its purchase and get it the refund noted in the cash sales report.
  • In stores using merchandise scanning and automated cashiering systems, the cashier needs to be flexible enough to enter the bar code data manually in case of failure to read and ensure correct matching of the priced registered with the price tag.  Any discrepancy should immediately be report to the head cashier or customer service representative.
  • Ensure that all discount vouchers, gift checks and coupons are securely collected for accounting and accurate reconciliation with the sales transactions.
  • Ensure that all cash payments are properly accounted for and turned over to the sales office at the end of the shift.