Administrative Assistant Responsibilities

The administrative assistant is essentially clerical in nature associated with administering to the needs of the office or staff in the office for which that administrative assistant has jurisdiction.

Administrative Assistant Job Responsibilities

Staff Administration

  • Coordinate with HR to communicate job vacancy requirements and assist the office manager in developing the job descriptions of new positions for the office.
  • Review job applicant resumes, summarize and prioritize applicants prior to being reviewed by the office manager; coordinate with HR on accepted applicants for processing.
  • Provide new hire with the proper office tools and materials within the first week of reporting for work
  • Ensure that all new hire orientation and initial training requirements are accomplished with the prescribe timeframes for new recruits; monitor office staff training to ensure they take the prescribed courses. Ensure that any licensing requirements for workers are complied with.
  • Assist the officer or manager in monitoring worker performance versus office standards of productivity and preparing appraisal reports.
  • Prepare the performance assessment documentation for office staff and transmit this to HR for proper adjudication.

Office administration

  • Summarize reports, proposals and studies submitted to the office for review and decision making.
  • Maintain a well organized office filing system for easy retrieval of paper-based files’ do the same for electronic files on the PC.
  • Report to the office or building administrator any problems in the operation of electrical, heating, airconditioning and office structures that need immediate action.; report to the IT department any PC or network problem for fast action
  • Ensure that office protocols and security requirements are complied with.
  • Ensure the timely submission and processing of regular reports from office staff as required