Customer Service Responsibilities

The Customer Service officer or representative is part of the marketing front-line staff.  Though not part of the sales team, they provide support in the selling effort but with a keener focus on maintaining customer satisfaction, resolving customer disputes and complaints and basically supervising the sales force to remain customer oriented.  This recognizes the limitation of sales forces who are mandated to generate sales and move inventory, while customer service reps create a sustainable link between the company and the customer.

Customer Service Job Responsibilities

  • Assist the marketing manager with field input to develop more customer-responsive programs to enhance product and service performance and promotional campaigns
  • Assist the sales force in maintaining customer focus during sales transaction.
  • Take over from the sales force in any store dispute or customer concern to ensure prompt and decisive resolution of cases.
  • Respond to pre-sales customer inquiries as well as post sale feedback, complaints and compliments with the goal of strengthening customer relations and restoring customer patronage.
  • Assist the brand manager in implementing marketing directives and promotional programs.
  • Assist the store manager in the design and implementation of new store lay-outing and store window displays
  • Provide regular product or service performance reports to the brand and marketing managers highlighting conflict resolutions.
  • Conduct customer orientation to new sales force entering the store.
  • Conduct surveys and secure customer participation in onsite questionnaires as well as focus discussions with selected customers and brand managers.
  • Provide customer support to online transactions with immediate response to customer inquiries and after sales feedback.