CEO Job Duties

Considered the head of any corporation, the CEO or Chief Executive Officer is basically responsible for steering the company through its avowed business objectives to make it sail though the rough competitive seas and provide the promised returns to its stakeholders as well provide for happy employees.  The CEO position is often the president or chairman of the board.  Hence, it’s quite common to see titles as President & CEO or Chairman & CEO.

Job Duties

  • Define and implement the corporate policies, business objectives and strategies as may be approved by the Board of Directors.
  • Plan and execute the company to move as one to attain its business objectives through the right competitive product positioning, the right employee culture conducive to efficiency and cost leadership in the market as well as a healthy community relationships.
  • Direct the recruitment, selection and motivation of its executive and management teams to head the various business processes required to support its core competencies.
  • Ensure that its executive team remain on track and in the right frame of mind to lead their respective departments.
  • Represent the company in public events, high level conferences and negotiations with other heads of companies within and outside the industry it operates.
  • Execute the company’s operations in accordance with applicable laws on taxation and intellectual property as well as ethical standards to remain a respected player in the industry.
  • Regularly report to the board and to its stakeholders on the health of the company and its position in the markets.