Sales Job Duties

The sales function calls for moving inventory from the shelf or inventory space to their intended markets within a target quota or goal.  This is the task of, sales clerks in malls as well field sales agents and brokers who take care of their sales dealerships across a town or city.  Specifically, they implement that promotional campaigns defined by brand managers and marketers meant to help them out achieve their sales goals.

Job Duties

  • Plan the proper executive of marketing directives and strategies that can help attain the required sales goals and achieve the incentive rewards once these are attained.
  • Maintain customer relationships to enhance existing ones and recover lost customer patronage though incentive and promotional programs to win them back.
  • Involve customers in feedbacks and survey questionnaire to gauge success or failure of promotions and product selling strategies.
  • Ensure the highest ethical behavior in salesmanship.
  • Participate in marketing meetings to brainstorm and formulate the strategies and programs that can enhance the efficacy of selling efforts.
  • Participate in product promotional campaigns and activities and provide feedback on their market receptivity.
  • Assist in the mentoring of fresh hires in the sales force.
  • Comply with corporate marketing and HR policies by taking care of company property and inventories and not exhibit unhealthy attitudes and demeanor that can compromise corporate reputation alienate prospective customers and fellow sales people.
  • Report repeated infractions against ethical conduct and policy violations committed by fellow sales force agents while on duty.