CEO Responsibilities

The CEO or Chief Executive Officer is the top man at the helm of any company. He is in charge of implementing the business objectives and strategies the highest corporate level exercising full executive authority over the executive team consisting of the Chief Operating Officer, Chief Finance Office, Chief Technical or Knowledge officer and other officers in the Executive Vice President level. The CEO is appointed and confirmed by the board of directors and is often the president or chairman of the board.  Hence, you often see position titles like President & CEO or Chairman & CEO.

CEO Job Responsibilities

  • Develop and promulgate the business mission and objectives as approved by the board by implementing the mission critical strategies, core values and philosophies for the executive team to carry out in their respective areas.
  • Provide the leadership in steering the company to achieve its mandate from stockholders by reaching its revenue objectives and market position in the industry.
  • Create value and sustained growth for the business by maintaining a healthy or leading market position while sustaining a positive financial bottomline.
  • Represent the company in all public events with high media exposure to create and sustain a strong presence in the minds of the public.
  • Represent the company with fellow CEOs and Presidents in other business entities in the industry and across various industries.
  • Ensure a cohesive working synergy among the executives for the company to grow and move forward as one entity.
  • Provide regular corporate performance reports to the stockholder and the entire corporate family, providing the center point to rally its management and staff to making spirited performance levels and competitive position in the market.