Network Administrator Responsibilities

The Network Administrator oversees the daily operation and maintenance of internal IT networks and their connectivities with external telecoms providers. The goal is to ensure high availability of the network for users to maintain productive levels. The position works in tandem with the network engineer or can be brought together in one person if the administrator has engineering educational background. There are various networking technologies and protocols and depending on what the company uses, the network administrator must have the suitable technical knowledge.

Network Administrator Job Responsibilities

  • Assist the IT or MIS Manager in implementing the company‚Äôs local area network topology suitable for the business and within the IT budget
  • Assist the network engineer in the installation of new network peripherals and incorporation of new cabling support for new offices.
  • Manage the corporate LAN and WAN installation with the right software and hardware tools for failsafe operation and high network availability for mission critical systems.
  • Perform daily checks, routine maintenance and regular network maintenance downtime work during non-working hours to ensure optimal performance during productive hours.
  • Coordinate with the network engineer for upgrading network hardware peripherals and major software patches, as well as network cabling and re-cabling needs.
  • Ensure that schedule network troubleshooting and maintenance are done during holidays or least productive times of the month in companies with 24×7 operations.
  • Administrate disaster recovery network operations as may be mandated by the IT Head or Network Engineer.
  • Keep abreast with network security trends and technological developments that can help improve network robustness and performance amidst a never-ending threat by hackers and network intruders.
  • Attend seminars and conferences on network administration to keep abreast with the latest networking technologies and management tools.